"Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet."  (Bob Dylan)

Bob Dylan is arguably the most important songwriter in rock history, and the most outstanding exponent of American Folk. He has written songs of unparalleled significance and expressiveness. Several of them have become world hits by other artists, "Blowin´in the Wind" being the most famous example.

And yet, many exceptional songs from Dylan´s extensive work are still widely unknown. Most of these are so-called outtakes that did not make it onto the final cuts of Dylan´s albums, but were later released on the Bootleg Series.

Dylan Songbook is an acoustic concert with a duo lineup, best suited for small venues and clubs. Some of the songs will be known to Dylan fans only. Others are famous or sound familiar, and may come as a surprise to many a listener that they were written by Dylan. Bob Dylan´s great classics are another vital part of this mostly unplugged trip through the epochal songbook of Robert Allen Zimmerman.

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Dylan Songbook